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Ruth's Favorite Links

Kim is a wonderfully talented photographer, artist, graphic designer and musician. She designed my order forms! What a friend! Her current work in photography is wonderful.
Wildlife Jewelry in Bronze, gorgeous work by my friend Cavin Richie.
Oil painting that will make you smile by a multi-talented artist and friend.
Great tiles and boxes by my friend Sarah Fitch.

Oil Paintings by Rigmor Clarke. I ended up traveling to Shell Lake Sask, Canada to meet and travel with this amazing artist. We have been email pen-pals ever since I wrote to her about how much I like her Raven paintings! Julie Glassman creates vibrant enameled jewelry that will knock your socks off!

Copper Icons &Jewelry - Byzantine Reflections and Faces of the Sacred. Another great Port Townsend artist creating wall art and personal adornment. I have a large collection of this talented tile artist's work and I still want more. Stunning relief tiles, fantastic animal art , even her pigs are wonderful! A great mosaic and tile mural artist and a dear friend on San Juan Island, WA Electronic Cottage Gallery - Original Art and Craft Online. Extraordinary burnished & pit fired art pottery in elegant shapes. My dear friend, Jim Whalen's work is highly acclaimed. You have to really see it  and touch it in person to appreciate the incredible surface finish he achieves. An outsider, self taught, Art Brut magazine.....very inspiring, sometimes disturbing and most unusual art. Interested in learning more about Inuit Art? IAQ is my favorite magazine. Inuktitut magazine-check this out. Want to know what is going on in Nunavut? Contemporary issues facing the Inuit people with outstanding articles.
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